Developing learning content

I found this awesome blog post by Kathy Sierra that demonstrates how to develop learning content effectively. This is well worth a read! It was motivational for me to see how Kathy used simple graphics to share a powerful message. Bravo!

SCORM becoming irrelevant?

I had some great discussions with several folks in December of last year.

During one of the discussion Mark mentioned:

I think that Web 2.0, SAAS, and AJAX have the power to make something like SCORM decreasingly relevant/substantive in a very short while.

What do you think? Is SCORM becoming increasingly less relevant and will it go the way of the dinosaur shortly? Does this assume that the LMS will also disappear? I found an interesting discussion at Tony Karrer’s blog regarding eLearning 2.0 and the future of the LMS. Many of the people felt that the LMS would not disappear, but this with the advent of Web 2.0 that content management systems would need to change drastically. Is Web 2.0, SAAS and AJAX a natural extension for the new eLearning landscape or will SCORM continue to serve a purpose?

Your thoughts are appreciated!