Let your objectives be your guide

Without fail I meet customers who focus on content and how content will be delivered during the initial needs assessment stage of an eLearning project. I regularly hear them mention that “it would be great to have some video of people working around a table”. Don’t get me wrong video is a great training tool, but have you thought about why you want to use it? How does this video segment fit into your overall learning objectives? Rather than focusing on content, start by focusing on why you are developing the training materials. What business challenges are you trying to solve by developing these materials? Who is your audience? What roles do they have in the overall process?

Start with your objectives and then decide on structure and content. Once you have a structure you can accurately assess what existing learning content you have and what new content needs to be developed. As simple as it sounds, start at the beginning. Many companies focus on content and deliver training materials that don’t meet their specific audience’s needs.