Rapid eLearning tools

The debate continues about personal learning environments and the use of rapid eLearning development tools. With the amount of information that is now available more and more people are developing learning content. Many people argue that much of this content is not very good.

I say that there is a place for rapid eLearning content as long as the developer/creator puts thought into what the objectives are for the content. There are many cases where information is time sensitive and it needs to be put out tomorrow. In that case there literally isn't time to develop a 'nice' looking interactive course and it doesn't make sense to hire an eLearning development company. Develop content that is easy to digest i.e. short, sweet and simple. However, if your objective is to share the content with a large audience and create a core training course then it would be a good idea to hire a professional company to assist you.

My only concern is whether the 'decentralization' of content development will eventually lead to information overload and repetition. Do large organizations need to have a central strategy for the development of learning/training content or should we allow the users to filter through the useless/bad content and get to the useful stuff? Do people in corporate America have the time to do that filtering?

Your favorite blogs

I need your help! I am busy updating my blogs and adding them to my Google reader. I would like to know what blogs you're reading. Although I am obviously interested in training/elearning related blogs any other interesting blogs would be appreciated.