Is custom training content the future?

The information age is upon and most of us are trying to make sense of how all the changes are going to impact our lives and more importantly our careers/industries. Anyone that says that they are totally comfortable and up to date on all the latest changes is kidding themselves.

This month’s big question across many of the eLearning blogs relates to the issue of DYI learning. Can all the new technologies allow for informal learning to replace much of the formal learning that is currently in place? Pulling, creating and sharing custom content is becoming easier with technology such as blogs, Wikipedia, You tube, podcasts, Skype, RSS feeds etc. It is a cliché, but the list really is endless. It is an exciting time for all, not only in the eLearning industry but anyone interested in organizational development.

Below are some links to interesting reading. Not a coherent post, but rather just sharing interesting reading/viewing that I came across.

Are we ready for personal knowledge management (PKM)? For a great overview on PKM check out Harold Jache’s blog post entitled Calgary eLearning Network - PKM. For an excellent analysis of formal vs informal learning check out the learning circuits post The Numbers Behind Informal & Formal Learning Lastly make sure to check out Connectivism: What's happpening with content.

So do you think informal learning will become pervasive? Are people able to spend the time to filter through all the content that is available? Based on some scanning Yahoo Pipes is not yet well understood although RSS readers are now freely available and extremely user friendly. I guess my question is whether the average employee has the time and interest to filter through all the noise.