Online communites

I found a VERY interesting graphical representation of online communities based on estimated size of membership. It looks like most of the communities are represented, even if Microsoft is relegated to Icy North. I love finding visual representations like this and I am always amazed at the time it took to put something like this together.

Please make sure to check out all the other amazingly interesting maps:

Be warned this site covers eclectic topics such as:
Gastronomic Cartography: the France of Breads; Where (and How) Evolution Is Taught In the US; Bushlandia vs. Reality; A Vulture’s View of Ethiopia and much, much more....enjoy.


PowerPoint: Beating a dead horse?

In line with May’s Learning Circuits’ big question around PowerPoint I found some more interesting reading on the topic of PowerPoint, its uses/abuses, presentation styles and more>>:

Don’t Hate PowerPoint; Hate the PowerPointers
Really Bad PowerPoint, Part II

I still stand by my initial argument that PowerPoint has a place in business, specifically as a tool for communicating information during a business meeting/presentation. I don't see it as an eLearning tool, although there are exceptions where an extremely creative person has used PowerPoint and created a great eLearning course. Having said that, the exceptions proof the rule. As far as bad PowerPoint presentation go, I re-assert that you can blame the tool, rather blame the presenters. A tool is only as good or bad as the person using it.

Do you have any good examples of PowerPoint presentations? I am a huge fan or visual presentations that don't rely on bullet points. A massive amount of bullets tend to lead to a reductionist presentation and generally the presenter will use the bullet points as cue points which loses the interaction level with the audience. Your thoughts? Is this discussion over and should I lay it to rest?