Great service: Spread the good news

Either I'm just getting older and grumpier or companies are focusing less on customer service and not willing to back the products that they sell. Luckily I had a super surprise while doing business with the guys from MCCOM. Ok so their name is not catchy, but these guys get business.

Here's the story:I needed to capture some video from a Betacam tape provided by a customer for a fire training program. We didn't own a Betacam player so I looked around for one on the internet. I came across MCCOM's site and called them up. They had a Betacam player, so I swung by their office/mini-warehouse to pick it up. They were likable and I ended up chatting to them for over an hour. That would be a pretty good plug for them if that was end. As you may be guessing it isn't.

We tested the machine at their site to make sure it worked and I tested it once I had it set up at the office. No issues either time. Well yesterday I fire it back up as I was ready to capture the tape...no luck! I got sound, but no video. I called the MCCOM guys up to see if there was any setting that I was missing. After some discussion we decided that it may be a dirty head and they recommended that I bring it back in for a clean.

After some amount of testing, cleaning, poking and prodding earlier today we all realized the machine was shot. Luckily they had another one in stock. When I wanted to pay, both Scott Trupp and Mike Mehalko said "absolutely not!' I explained that I was more than willing to pay as the machine worked when I tested it and it is a used machine. The still refused my money and said 'just enjoy it and spread the goodwill'. Thanks Mike and Scott I intend to. What a privilege to work with people who are willing to do the right thing and who understand the value of building a long term relationship with your customers.

If you are looking for "new & used broadcast video & audio equipment, these folks maintain an extensive inventory as well as broker equipment for their customers. Their many services include: custom studio design, appraisals, liquidations and facility upgrades. They buy used video equipment from complete facilities to Non Linear Suites to individual pieces of equipment. Or they can take your used equipment in trade toward newer or New equipment", please contact them and remember spread the good news!