How to get blog comments easily

Many of us often wonder how we can get more participation from our readers. Well I found one sure fire way - criticize Brett Favre. Yip, mention the words Favre and hype in one sentence and you'll get PLENTY of feedback alright! All I can say is at 8-1 the old man looks pretty impressive from my couch.

For those of you who don't like sport maybe you can write a post about why Bill Gates isn't a genius - seems to me it would be the same as saying that Favre is hyped. On a side note why hasn't anyone written and article about why Favre is pronounced Farv?


Hongyan said...

This is a very interesting question to all blogger, and I like your answer. Here is my cents:
Yes, being critical is a good way.
Using eye-catching titles.
Including unique picture and opinions.
Asking questions at the end of your article.
If you teach, give students assignments through your blog.
If you are in a conference, showing audience your blog.
Contact your friends through your blog.
And many many more...

Mark Tayar said...

Funny post, maybe you can help me get more comments on my new blog ;-)

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