Rapid development cycle (RDC) - Custom eLearning development

Unlike many other vendors, Cyber Media Creations uses a rapid development cycle (RDC) approach to custom eLearning development. This approach is based on using rapid prototyping for each module. Essentially each of the modules in the course is treated as separate Lego block. CMC is able to develop each module independently. Our rapid development cycle also allows us to develop 3-4 modules at the same time. So what does this mean for you, the customer? It means that you can assign each module to the relevant subject matter expert (SME). What happens if the owner of module 1 is away on vacation? No problem, we start working on other modules that are ready for production. Using the Lego block approach, CMC can work on several modules at the same time. This translates into cost savings for our customers. It also gives them great flexibility in terms of scheduling modules for development. Based on our unique rapid development cycle (RDC) for custom eLearning development, combined with our unique business model CMC has been able to provide highly competitive pricing.

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